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Boarding Up Service

If you've had a break in or somebody has vandalised your windows or glass doors, your locksmith can board up your broken or shattered glass and secure the window.

If your domestic or business premises has fallen victim to a break in, we can help make your property secure again. Often, burglars will leave damage where they have gained entry. Any damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible to ensure your safety and security of your premises. We can repair damage to your doors and frames and repair and replace any locks that have been damaged during a break in.

  • Forced entry – We will carry out a repair to secure the property 
  • Vandalised glass – We can board this to ensure the property is secure 

Often to ensure security we can change locks – the same engineer can carry out this work in addition to the securing to keep costs to a minimum.

We can board windows/doors in a manner that does not cause any further damage to the frame.