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Foam filled vs solid timber core composite doors

Composite doors are now the most popular door on the market to customers across the country. 

However not all composite doors are the same.

Before you make your purchase ask the company are they using foam filled composite doors or timber core composite doors like we use at Luxe Windows & Building Ltd. 

Nearly 7 out of 10 composite doors available to not pass the security standard PAS24 - what this means is that they have been manufactured to a high standard and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they stand up to methods employed by potential intruders.

This is because many companies install foam filled GRP composite doors which use a high-density foam, but there is a much better alternative. 

Luxe Windows & Building Ltd only use solid timber core composite doors, this is because we believe that the timber core composite door is a superior product.The enhanced security of your door is the biggest benefit of choosing a solid timber core composite door over a foam filled composite door.

Our doors are designed with security in mind - our doors are Police Approved Secure by Design and with High Secure cylinders for your peace of mind

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