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What are Anti Snap Euro cylinders?

What are anti-snap locks?

Anti-snap locks are high security euro lock cylinders that are designed and tested to protect against lock snapping, stopping a thief from breaking the lock into two parts. If successful this can allow a thief to gain access to the property.  This type of cylinder is usually found on uPVC & composite doors.  Euro cylinders are also found on a lot of Bifold doors, french and patio doors.

Why do I get condensation with my new windows?

With the cold clear nights, low sun and damp bright mornings autumn is truly upon us, but along with the spectacular beauty of the turning trees comes a potential problem for installers - mysterious patterns of condensation and even ice appearing on hitherto unblemished sealed units. Disappearing within a few hours of sunrise for most householders these transient effects don’t present a problem, quite the opposite in fact, this provide a healthy sign that the glass is doing its job.